Girls Varsity Recap - Del Norte


The Torrey Pines Girls Varsity faced Del Norte on Saturday, January 12, coming away with a 59-5 victory.

The game was a true collective effort with tries from Halle Woodhall, Cassie Dugdale, Riya Agarwal, Michelle Ramirez, Kristin Bitter, Keyli Garibay and Resse Loseke. Full Back Kristin Bitter converted seven of the nine tries.

The Torrey Pines Girls Varsity teamwork was on full display with impressive “pick-and-go’s” by the forwards and wide play by the backs. Contributions across the board from all players, but recognition goes to Freshman Cassie Dugdale and Reese Loseke for their tries, Michelle Ramirez for her defensive tackles and Halle Woodall for offensive stiff arms everytime she had the ball.

The game ended on a try and a big body shot from Kristin Bitter on a sideline run.